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Vision Biology


Vision Biology

Vision biology can be defined as the study of biological aspects of vision. The vision is one of the five senses, and allows organisms to see light and determine the shapes and characteristics of objects. There is currently debate among scientists about whether or not vision should be left as one sense, or if it should be broken down into three separate senses. Many scientists want to place "color vision" and "black and white" vision into two separate categories. The organisms which see in black and white tend to have photoreceptors which are different from organisms which see in color. These two types are broken down into cone cells and rod cells. Some scientists claim that depth perception should also be placed in a separate category. However, others have argued that depth perception is merely a transfer of information which comes from several visual indicators. The research on vision biology is currenly ongoing, and discoveries are being made on a regular basis. The eyes are organs of the body which are very sensitive to light. While some organisms rely little on their vision, it is very important for humans. The retina will transform incoming light into impulses which can be read by the brain.

Color and Color Vision Color and Color Vision
Explores color specification, chromatic aberration, color variant vision, and related topics.
The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book
By Peter K. Kaiser.

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