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There are a number of writing an editing services available online. If you are shopping for a writer, the internet is the best place to find them. There are writers all over the world writing for webmasters or other publications. Their prices can vary widely. While some freelance writers may charge less than $5 for each article, others can charge more than $20 per article. When you shop for a writer or editor, it is important to place an emphasis on their skill rather than their credentials. Many writers will put their resumes online saying that they have more than 10 years of experience with numerous degrees. However, this can actually hurt their chances of finding work, as many webmasters feel these individuals will have to be paid large sums of money in order to write or edit articles. AccuWrite Professionals,
Offering editing and critique services and fiction correspondence courses. Frequently Asked
Who, what, where, when, why, and how information directory. Features listings and articles. The Writers Bloc - TWB
Offers an extended range of writing, corporate communications, marketing and script writing capabilities from a talented team of experienced professionals. TZT's Office
Provides writing, editing, graphic design, and web site design.
Provides writing and editing services for traditional and digital media. Writing Doctor
Offers editing and ghostwriting services for a wide variety of formats including fiction, nonfiction, film, manuals, reports, articles, and college application essays. EeRabbit Logo Design
From nature with imagination ! High quality LOGO DESIGN & LOGO TEMPLATES with STATIONERY DESIGN.


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