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Most countries in the West use what is called odd prices. Their products will always be priced in cents so that it can appear that the customer is saving money. For example, a car will be sold for $29,995 instead of $30,000, even though there is very little difference in price. Tribale
Range of unique gifts and cards to raise money for Survival International's campaigns defending the rights of threatened tribal peoples. Some items are tribal-made. Truth Seeker Company, Inc.
Publisher of books on controversial subjects. TV Overstocks - The Closeout Marketplace
A liquidation and wholesale source for sports collectibles. Shop for gifts with confidence, 30 day money back guarantee! uDate
Meet someone around the corner or around the world. Unclaimed Baggage Center
Sells items from lost and unclaimed airline baggage. United States Flag Store
Manufacturer and retailer of indoor and outdoor American, state, and country flags and flagpoles. Warhol Store, The
Selection of official posters, stationery, clothes, and other products. From the Andy Warhol Museum. Whales and Friends
Features nature theme jewelry, clothing, prints, T-shirts, and more. WizKids Games
Produces collectable miniatures games including Mage Knight, HeroClix, and MechWarrior: Dark Age.


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