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When you purchase flowers, it is important to make sure they're fresh. If you are new to shopping for flowers, you may find this difficult. Unlike food products, most flowers don't come with a date which tells you when they will expire. When you shop for flowers at your local grocery store or florist, many of them are not as fresh as they should be. People who grow flowers will sell their best products directly to consumers, and will ship the rest to grocery stores and florist shops. Because of this, most of the flowers you buy at these places will be older than 3 days. The best way to buy flowers is to get rid of the middleman. Instead of buying flowers from florist shops, why not purchase them directly from the grower? By doing this, you will get the freshest flowers available. Enchanted Florist, The
Floral arrangements, gourmet baskets, and gift selections.
With a network of florist worldwide, we can have your delivery made generally within 24 hours; international deliveries within 72 hours.


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