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Review of Optometry Acid Logic
Humorous stream of consciousness with articles, columns, short fiction pieces, links, and more. American Jerk, The
Monthly dark humor magazine published by a professional stand-up comedian and some other guy. Anastrophe
News more accurate than truth from this South African satirical source. Backwash
Pop culture satire. Bacon Magazine
Canadian culture, humour, and entertainment. BadassMoFo
Offers humor, daily news, commentary, information, and pie. Blind Wino
Mark Driver continues where the Crash Site left off. Colums like as Ask Satan and Touched by an Asshole. Not for the uptight. Bluesy
Stylish humor magazine skewering relationships between men, women and fresh fruit. A miasma of entertainment, pop culture and satire live from New York. Bug, The
Poking fun at Aussie pollies, sex habits, and lifestyles, with film, video, food and music reviews. Bunk Magazine Buttafly
Humor, politics, procrastination. Camp
Consists of material appropriate for a book burning. Chimpanzee, The
Comedy guaranteed to bust your spleen. Chortler
Parody of recent news and a daily resource for online funny stuff.

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