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  Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles:

Ski goggles are purposely designed to allow for all the variables of the sport :

From climate conditions to speed and the specific visual skills required for skiing, as opposed to all other sport activities- this sport has a lot of variables that affect vision. Ski goggles are usually designed to be big and almost wrap around the face, in order to diminish any loss to peripheral vision. The lens actually continues beyond the last point of peripheral vision so that the smallest movement of the face either left or right will allow for an increased range.

For this reason, ski goggles are usually made from softer materials than those made for other kinds of sport, such as propionate or rubber. These materials keep their shape even after wear and tear and they can withstand radical climates and temperatures very well.

Most materials would become brittle in the cold and begin to disintegrate at the most vulnerable points of the frame. Rubber can withstand the cold without any problems and it's soft enough to cushion the blow from any impact to the face, while still being flexible enough to remain securely held to the face even at high-speeds. If any snow, rain or wind comes through when you are wearing it, this is a sure sign that the snug isn't fit enough and you aren't being protected properly. Most are secured to the head with s sturdy strap, so that even in the most extreme sports they will stay on, and if they properly fitted then there should be very little chance of the frame falling askew.

Ski goggles are meant to protect not only the eyes but also the upper face, as well, though there are trendier models to be purchased today that are more minimalist. Though these are certainly not the recommended model for high-speed skiing, these frames are becoming more and more sophisticated, with lightweight, dense frames and snugly designed side-shields for penetration prevention. Some even look like regular sunglasses with small side additions.


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