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  Consulting Sports Specialists

Consulting with a Sports Specialist-

A world of visual perception:

We view the world around us primarily with our eyes. Unlike other animals which use keen hearing and an acute sense of smell to perceive the various elements in every situation, humans rely above all on their eyes. This is the reason that vision skills are of paramount importance in almost every sport, whether it be a very fast-moving, physical contact sport or even as seemingly laid-back sport such as golf, where the playing fields are huge and the balls very tiny indeed

Even slow-paced sports such as golf involve visual memory, good depth perception, contrast sensitivity and color perception. Sports vision specialists can help you develop these visual skills. Today professional athletes of every sport try to improve their vision and some even get special vision training. Regular eye exams by an optometrist don't include testing every vision skill, as those to do with sport activities aren't usually needed for prescription glasses and whatnot. Many people aren't aware of the fact that good vision isn't only a result of good eyesight. Several skills go into factoring good eyesight, among which is the ability to focus quickly and clearly on objects, the range of peripheral perception you have and very importantly- depth perception. Without these skills, even twenty-twenty vision won't be enough for an athlete to excel in his/her sport. If you have healthy eyes and reasonably good vision, this still doesn't mean that you couldn't benefit from a consultation with a sports vision expert or an eye-care practitioner who specializes in this particular field.


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