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  Eye Surgery Recovery

Corrective eye-surgery is becoming more popular- In every magazine, on billboards and on the radio you can hear advisements of private clinics offering corrective eye surgery. Corrective eye surgery has become as popular as plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. People don't want to wear eye glasses or contact lenses and prefer eliminating the need for either. In a relatively short procedure you can have a professional “fix” your prescription, atleast for a few years. This should always be done by a thoroughly documented and credentialed doctor who has specialized in this procedure- and always in an accredited place where your health is assured.


The possible complications of eye-surgery- This simple procedure isn't always fully successful. Accredited eye clinics do have a very low percentage of complications and they reduce this figure even further by first examining each interested customer for compatibility and prescription. In un-credentialed, private clinics the risk is understandably higher, and this is especially true for people with slightly more complex conditions. If you have high astigmatism, you may require toric lenses to correct the residual refractive error following surgery. (Different lasers can correct different levels of astigmatism; some go as high as six diopters .) Soft lenses can work well, and large-diameter RGPs are also an option. Contact lenses can be effective in reducing possible eye surgery complications and some people would benefit greatly with the use of contacts after the surgery. The best lenses for this situation are usually RGPs- rigid lenses that retain shape, don't dry out the eyes and clean easily. The most frequent post-surgery difficulty is when the procedure results in irregular astigmatism, with a loss of two to four lines of vision on the standard eye chart and a second common problem is excessive glare. Rigis lenses are suitable to both these complications. A rare occurrence results in an off-center ablation, which leads to an optical status of the eye that resembles that of irregular astigmatism.

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