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  Supplements For Back Pain

Combating Back Pain with Natural Health Supplements

Back pain is a nasty affliction that affects millions of people all round the world. However, the only remedy for back pain is said to be lots of “bed rest”. The problem with this is that not many of us have the time on our hands to spend large chunks of time recovering from our back pain by taking lots of bed rest. If this all sounds vaguely familiar to you, you may be happy to know that there is an alternative way you can combat your persistent back pain – with natural health supplements.

Vitamins and minerals

While no two people are completely alike, in general we all need to make sure that we are taking enough minerals and vitamins every day to help keep us healthy and fresh. The problem with back pain suffers is that we generally take enough vitamins and minerals to keep us going, but not enough so that the body can start to heal itself naturally. As such, increasing our vitamin each day with a daily intake of Vitamin E and Vitamin C can have wonders on helping to reduce our back pain.


As calcium has a direct affect on the strength of our bones, it is probably the most important mineral we can take each day if we’re having problems with our back. Therefore, increasing your daily intake of calcium should help to ease your daily back pains.


Magnesium has a two-pronged attack on helping you to alleviate your daily back pain problems. First of all, magnesium is an important element in helping you to strengthen your bones. Second, magnesium helps to relax the muscles in your body – which is crucial if you want to stand any chance of ridding yourself forever from continued back pain problems.

Herbal tea

Drinking between 3 and 7 cups of herbal tea every day can help your body to relax. Indeed, herbal tea has many redeeming affects to help back pain suffers. But probably the most affective short term help comes with its muscle relaxing and soothing qualities.

Black haw

As back pain suffers know, a muscle spasm in the back can be an extremely painful and unpleasant feeling. Black haw has the affect of helping to relieve any back spasm you may be feeling and is also a useful pain natural health supplement pain remedy.

Black yam tea

As with herbal tea, black yam tea has a number of wonderfully positive affects on our bodies. For back pain sufferers, however, the best affect it has is helping to relieve back cramps.

Devil’s claw

Over a prolonged period, one concern back pain suffers have is the possible onset of arthritis. Devil’s claw can act as a natural health supplement to ease any symptoms of arthritis you may be feeling.

While there may be no single natural health supplement remedy for back pain, a combined course of natural health supplements can certainly help. To ensure, however, that you have the mixture correct it is always best to consult with your physician to see if they can help recommend which natural health supplements you need to be taking. Also, always remember that curing yourself of back pain will take time, even with the help of natural health supplement. So while you should expect to see a better quality of life with natural health supplement, do not expect to see results overnight.


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