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  Herbal Medicine For Arthritis

Is There A Herbal Medicine Alternative For Arthritis?

Modern medications can certainly help to alleviate your arthritis pains. Side-effects associate with these modern medicines, such as painful stomachs ulcers and bleeding, can, however, make you think twice before using them. You may be wondering, then, if there was herbal medicine alternative to the modern drugs that would work just as well? And the answer would be that, “yes”, there are. The most popular of these being Boswellia .

Boswellia (more technically known as Boswellia serrata) is also known as Indian Frankincense as is a gummy resin from the tree of the same name. Not unnaturally, the Boswellia tree contains what is known as boswellic acids and it is this natural product that has proven to be so helpful in alleviating arthritis. Indeed, the bosewellia acid has been used as a herbal medicine from many years in the Indian sub-continent to help overcome a number of ailments, but it has only recently been added to the list of helpful herbal medicines in the Western world and is seen as being particularly helpful for those suffering from arthritis.

Although you should always check with your physician or doctor before undertaking any course of medication, including any herbal medicine, the current recommended daily dosage of boswellia acid is 450 milligrams, taken three times daily in 150 milligram dosage per time.

If boswellia acid doesn't sound like the ideal herbal medicine for you to be taking to overcome your arthritis pain then don't fear. There are a number of other herbal remedies available to you. None of these, however, can be more tasty than turmeric, the Indian herb used as the main ingredient in curry powder and probably one of the main reasons why so few from the Indian continent suffer from arthritis. Although the herb acts as the main ingredient in the herbal medicine, it is actually the prostalandis that are inhabited in this that you are after if you want to alleviate your pain. Here the recommended dosage is between 500 and 1,000 milligrams per day, but you need to be careful with this herbal medicine as some people are known to suffer from stomach ulcers if they consume too much every day.

Finally, have you heard of the miracle arthritis wonder drug known as Capsaicin? If so, you've been duped. This is in fact the extra of the herbal medicine Cayenee pepper which has been added to other medicines to create a modern wonder. If, however, you wish to remain true to the miracle cure that has been used for centuries, then cayenee pepper is how you should be using this and in its pure form as a herbal medicine is how you should be thinking of it! You can, however, still use the Capsaicin cream and you would still, technically, be using a wonderful herbal medicine.

There are a number of herbal medicine available for you to use to help ease the pain of arthritis. Most, if not all, of these can be used with minimal to no side-effects. Nearly all have been used by man to help overcome the aches and pains of life for centuries. The only question that remains is whether you want to be included in the millions who are rediscovering the benefits of herbal medicines.


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