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Proper Eye Nutrition
Proper Eye Nutrition
Minerals for Eye Health


Zinc has a whole array of functions in the body to do with general good health.

Zinc deficiencies are quite common and can lead to a plethora of physiological problems.

It is vital for the development of certain white cells in the immune system, it helps gastrointestinal function and it encourages healthy skin and growth during childhood and adolescence. In the case of eyesight and eye-health, zinc is important in the development of certain eye tissues that enable vision in dim light, and subsequently lack of zinc in your diet will encourage night blindness.

This mineral helps your body absorb the all-important vitamin A and reduces the number of free radicals in your system, protecting against muscular degeneration.

The recommended daily allowance for both men and women is 15 mg and it can be found in red meat, liver, poultry, various whole-wheat grains, oysters and nuts. “Junk food” is virtually lacking in zinc and fast-food hamburgers don’t come close to filling the RDA for this mineral.

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