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  Self Care For Eye Allergies

The treatment for eye allergy can begin from the home. Since eye allergies are caused by foreign particles avoiding the particles is an important part of the treatment.

Keeping the house clean is an important and vital step. Cleaning the house periodically to remove foreign particles can solve the problem of indoor eye allergies to a major extent. The air filter of the air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. People with eye allergies should not clean the mold and dust and if forced to clean should wear adequate protection like sun glasses.

Try to avoid things that collect dust like knickknacks. Limit the number of things that can collect dust and other allergens. People with severe eye allergies should try to avoid carpets. Places that have the possibility of mold growth must be checked periodically and the molds should be removed without failure.

Make use of allergen impermeable covers to cover pillows and beddings can avoid the accumulation of allergens to a great extent. Another important step is fixing furnace and the air conditioner with allergen filters.

Avoid the sharing of sunglasses, towels, and pillows.

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