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  Daily Disposables

Daily disposable contact lenses are also referred to as ‘one-day disposables’ and you can wear them for one whole day and then remove them before going to bed at night. Some people leave them on and remove them only the following morning, but this is never an advised course of action. Sleeping with disposable contacts does increase the chances for eye problems in the future. Daily disposables are extremely time-effective, as you don’t spend any time at all on maintenance or cleaning. This is also the healthiest choice by far for anyone exclusively using contacts all day. Replaced every night, these contacts don’t have buildup deposits, they allow the eyes to ‘breath’ and they have a very low probability of causing infections. Eye doctors and eye practitioners like to recommend daily disposables because they are the most reliable product in the market in terms of health care.

A word of warning:

It is NOT safe to sleep in daily wear lenses. Your eyes could experience permanent damage due to a lack of oxygen, among other things. Having or not having a prescription in the lenses makes no difference in their safety, whether they are daily or extended wear. Some soft contact lenses are approved for extended wear (sleeping) by the FDA. These lenses have been tested for safety, but it is essential to follow the rules as prescribed by your practitioner.

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