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Hydrocurve II Aphakic

Hydrocurve II Aphakic Contact Lenses

Hydrocurve II Aphakic contacts
Contact Lens Details:
Lenses Manufacturer:  Ciba Vision
Contact Lenses Available in 0 Powers, .

Hydrocurve II Aphakic

Hydrocurve II Aphakic contact lenses by CIBA Vision. Each vial contains 1 contact lens in buffered saline solution.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these lenses are custom made to meet the specific needs of your prescription, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

These contact lenses are available in the following online stores:
  •  AC Lens
  •  LensMart
  •  LensQuest
  •  Vision Direct
  • Contact Lenses Price Comparison

    Hydrocurve II Aphakic Prices:
    Vision Direct$144.95
    Coastal Contacts-
    1800 Contacts-


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