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Expressions Accents

Expressions Accents Contact Lenses

Expressions Accents contacts
Contact Lens Details:
Lense Type:  1-2 Week Disposable Colored Contact Lenses
Lenses Manufacturer:  Coopervision
Contact Lenses Available in 0 Powers, .

Expressions Accents

Expressions lets you change your eye color with lenses that offer incredible comfort and outstanding vision quality. And since you want people to notice you and not just the color of your eyes, Expressions lenses use a technologically advanced tinting process to produce more natural, realistic color changes.
Available in the following colors:
  • Available in blue color

  • Available in green color

  • Available in turquoise color

  • Available in purple color

  • These contact lenses are available in the following online stores:
  •  1-800 CONTACTS
  •  AC Lens
  •  LensMart
  •  LensQuest
  •  Vision Direct
  • Contact Lenses Price Comparison

    Expressions Accents Prices:
    Vision Direct$37.95
    Coastal Contacts-
    1800 Contacts$39.95


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